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July, 2005
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1. Magnetize Your Marketing

Be Your Own Spokesperson (Ray)

Ray Strackbein Website visitors want to get to know you. They want to read about why you decided to do what you do. They don't want to read just a laundry list of your accomplishments. They want to read your story. They want to like you and trust you.

Athletic shoe manufacturers have sports figures as spokespersons. Insurance companies use actors. Pudding makers use comedians. People will buy from someone they feel they know and trust.

    You are your own spokesperson. Let your personality stand out.

Be personal and conversational. The Internet can be a cold, impersonal place. You can make your website inviting and warm by writing in the first person. Instead of, "Mr. Jones consults and helps companies with their websites" say "I enjoy helping my clients use their websites to get more business than they ever dreamed."

2. Magnetize Yourself - Speaking and Storytelling

Turn on Your Emotional Magnetism™ (Sally)

Sally StrackbeinHere is a great way to stand out from the crowd: turn on your Emotional Magnetism.

When I belonged to a Tuesday morning business lead share group, we each got one minute to give our "elevator speech." I remember one member of the group was the branch manger of a bank I'll call "The Bank Down the Street." Each week she'd give her rote presentation:

    "I'm Jane Banker and I manage The Bank Down the Street and we have a whole package of products including our wonderful home equity line of credit. I'm looking for people who want great banking products."

One Tuesday, when each of us was to give a pitch for another member, I drew Jane Banker's card. After thinking for a few seconds, I introduced her saying:

    "I'm Jane Banker, manager of The Bank Down the Street. Last week I helped a dyslexic 25-year-old go to college. His parents took advantage of our special home equity line of credit to send their son to a small private college. Who do you know who wants to finance their lifelong dreams?"

Use your Emotional Magnetism to engage people's emotions. Use your stories in your marketing materials. Use them as you introduce yourself and your business. Imagine how you will stand out from the noise.

And if you believe you don't have a great story, then call me and I'll help you discover one.

The Best Kept Promotional Secret . . .
Emotional Magnetism:

Storytelling for Business Results Speakshop®
July 19, August 18, or September 22

Prospects used to ask, "How much will it cost?" Now they ask, "When can we start?"

Join us for a full-day intensive, interactive workshop. You get personal coaching to express your value. Learn how to connect with your audience (even just one person) naturally and easily. Discover and craft stories that make you magnetic, memorable and desirable.

    "After my recent talk, 11 out of the 18 people in the audience asked for a follow-up appointment -- because of the story I told. Your coaching helped me craft my own story into just what my talk needed to make it successful." --Julia Kalish, Inner Voice Nutrition

For more information or to register, please visit:

3. Zip's Tips

Trust (Zippy)

Zippy-Small02I am earning my trust back. Trust is much easier to keep than to get back.

When I was a puppy, Sally and Ray didn't put me on a leash when I went outside. I was small and easy to catch. One day I ran down the driveway and kept going. I didn't come when Sally called me. I wanted to check out the yard with the white house. A golden retriever lives there. I love golden retrievers.

Sally ran after me and caught me when I finally stopped and let her. I think she was scared I'd be hit by a car or something.

That was 3 years ago. I've been on a leash whenever I am out of the house ever since. Sally and Ray don't trust me any more.

Just recently, they started to let me off my leash every once in a while. Now, I'm being very good about coming when Sally or Ray calls.

It only took a minute to lose their trust. It's taking a long, long time to earn their trust back.

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