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May, 2005
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1. Business Strategy

Respect Other People's Time (Sally)

Sally StrackbeinRay and I strive to respect people's time on our website. People appreciate getting what they need with minimal time and effort.

Get to the point quickly and have your contact information, at least your email and phone number, on every page of your website.

I appreciate people who respect my time. Which brings us to voicemail. Someone told me to leave my number at the beginning of my voice mail message. That didn't make sense to me until I had to listen to a very long message 3 times before I was able to get the phone number -- at the very end.

    Now I start by saying my name. Then my phone number.

I repeat my phone number twice, slowly and clearly. Yes, I might think they already have my number, but I also notice how often people leave us messages without their telephone number. Sometimes I have to go to another room or turn on my computer to get their phone number so I can return their call. It only takes a few seconds to leave my phone number twice, saving prospects,  friends and customers valuable time.

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2. Speaking and Storytelling

Speak to People who are Paying Attention (Ray)

Ray StrackbeinI've heard many speaking coaches, trainers, and professional speakers urge emerging speakers to involve and focus on those in their audience who are not paying attention.

Early in my career, I taught traffic violator school as a low-risk way to develop my speaking and training skills -- after all, if someone didn't like my presentation, what could they say: "This class was so bad that I'll never come back again?"

In one traffic violator school class, a man in his mid 20's was not paying attention. At the break, I approached him and said I needed him to pay attention otherwise I could not give him the completion certificate he needed to present to the court. He asked me to step outside with him. We went outside.

Once outside the classroom, he broke down and cried. He told me that week before, he had attended the funeral of his older brother who had been drinking and died in a traffic accident. He found all of my talk about traffic accidents and my stories about my experiences as an ambulance driver very upsetting.

    You never know what's going on in the life of your audience members.

Speak to and engage those who respond. Focusing on the people who enjoy your presentation gives you energy; focusing on those who don't respond can drain your energy. Focus your effort on your audience members who are excited and present.

    The excitement of the group helps energize people who have not yet become involved.

3. Zip's Tips

Winning Isn't Everything (Zippy)

Zippy - A Very Wise DogI love it when Ray throws a ball so I can chase it. I don't really care which color ball Ray throws, but Ted does. He loves the red one. Ted's my best friend and brother. He's 14 and I'm 5. We play together all the time. But I get very selfish when I'm playing ball. Sometimes I pick the red ball when there are two balls, just because Ted wants it. When I hog the red ball, Ted goes off and lies down in his bed. Then, when Ray stops throwing the ball, I don't have anyone to play with.

When I share, Ted plays too. I like it when we both have fun. It's no fun to play alone.

I can take the red ball away from Ted any time I want. I win. But when I win and Ted loses, I lose Ted.

    When we both get to play, we're both happy.

4. Contact Us

Sally and Ray Strackbein
Connection Experts LLC

703-262-0361, PO Box 710540, Herndon, VA 20171

5. Privacy Notice & Subscription Info

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