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October, 2005

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1. The Terrific Testimonial™

The Terrific Testimonial™(Sally)

Sally Strackbein, Terrific TestimonialA testimonial is a story that demonstrates your value as seen though the eyes of a third party.

A great testimonial from your client creates far more Emotional Magnetism than you saying, "I'm wonderful. Hire me." But what makes a testimonial terrific? It's more than gushing comments about how great you are or how much fun it was to work with you.

This testimonial, at first glance, seems glowing:

    "Sally provides a sacred space of being that is the fertile soil for fabulous growth."

That testimonial came from an evaluation form after a workshop. The participant enjoyed the workshop very much. Contrast that one with this one:

    "I wanted to let you know that your Speakshop is one of the best business investments I've made all year, and the returns just keep rolling in. Days after the seminar, your advice helped me make vital connections with people who came to a content-heavy day-long seminar on US government acquisition. That was only the beginning. I kept working on developing new stories and remembering their essential power in helping people connect with content, messages, ideas...and me and my work. After my most recent presentations in Calgary and Edmonton, something new happened: people who attended called me within days of the event, asking to engage my services to help them.

    "In over 15 years of inviting expert speakers to present topics like mine to Canadian industry audiences, not one ever won a piece of business as a result. While I present many of the same topics, apparently the WAY I do it -- with compelling stories that bring the lessons to life -- now develops a unique rapport, sense of trust and desire to work together with them. THANK YOU!

    signed --Judy Bradt, Principal & CEO, Summit Insight LLC

The key to a Terrific Testimonial is results. Judy got business because she took our workshop and used what she learned.

Get our quick easy guide, "Secret Formula for Getting Terrific Testimonials."

Send and email to with "Terrific Testimonials" in the subject line and you will receive your guide by email.

2. Special Note: Will You Be Helpless Or A Helper?

Ray Strackbein
Emergency Preparedness is one of our areas of expertise. For years we have urged people to store canned food and bottled water "just in case" of a widespread power failure, storm, or other event. The government has always said that in the event of a widespread emergency, people will be on their own for between 3 days and two weeks -- a fact we are now seeing verified on TV. Much of the relief from hurricane Katrina is not from the government, but from ordinary people helping each other.

    Are you ready to take care of yourself and your family if a disaster hits you? Will you be helpless or a helper?

Get our 14-Day Emergency Plan - A common sense approach to personal preparation using items that you can buy in most supermarkets before you really need them. Learn what items to buy, how much, and how to use them -- like a non-electric can opener in case you don't have electricity.

Send an email to with "14-Day Emergency Plan" in the subject line and you will receive your Planner by email.

3. Are You Memorable or Forgettable?

Are You Memorable or Forgettable?

Storytelling for Business Results Speakshop®
Monday, November 21

What results do you get when you talk to others one-on-one or speak to groups? Stories are the secret key to being memorable and magnetic. Create Emotional Magnetism that compels your ideal prospects to instantly, intuitively recognize their deep need for your product or service.

    "After my recent talk, 11 out of the 18 people in the audience asked for a follow-up appointment -- because of the story I told. Your coaching helped me craft my own story into just what my talk needed to make it successful."

       --Julia Kalish, Inner Voice Nutrition

The right story moves prospects to ask, "When can we start?" instead of, "How much will it cost?"

Join us for a full-day intensive, interactive workshop. You get personal coaching on both speaking and storytelling. Learn how to connect with your audience (even just one person) naturally and easily. Discover and craft stories that make you masterful, memorable and magnetic.

Sign up online


4. Zip's Tips

Patience (Zippy)

Zippy - Zip's TipsRay has this thing he does with dessert. He loves strawberries. I don't particularly. I'd rather have steak. But there's something he does that makes me glad. He likes to squirt whipped cream out of a can onto his strawberries.

When I hear the noise of his whipped cream shooting out of the can, I beeline right to Ray, no matter what I am doing. I start wagging my tail like mad. I learned that if I'm too pushy, I don't get any. If I don't show up, I don't get any.

When Ray sees me (and Ted) he gets a plate out of the cabinet and quirts a blob on one side of the plate and another blob on the other side. If I sit quietly and wait, he puts the plate in front of me and I get a lick of my blob. Then Ted gets a lick of his, and then I get a lick... When we're both good, Ray puts the plate on the floor for us.

I get my whipped cream a lot faster when I'm patient.

5. Contact Us

Sally and Ray Strackbein
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6. Privacy Notice & Subscription Info

Our company is Connection Experts LLC. Connection Experts LLC will never give or sell your contact information to anyone.

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