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Public Speaking and Storytelling Workshops


More Than Presentation Skills
Public Speaking for Techies

We teach technical people to speak comfortably to groups of any size. We don't just teach presentation skills, we teach effective communication.

    When technical professionals are effective
    communicators, they have the power to influence,
    inform and sell concepts, products and services.

In our interactive public speaking workshops, you will learn how to:

  • Dramatically improve your speaking presence
  • Be comfortable speaking to groups of any size
  • Become a masterful speaker

We are techies ourselves. Let us share our lessons learned from decades of public speaking and presentations to technical and non-technical audiences. We learned presenation skills the hard way.

    We will cut years off your public speaking learning curve.

We do not teach you "presentation skills techniques" to help you mask your fear. We do not teach you where to stand or how to gesture. We teach you to recognize the support in your audience. We show you how to recognize what works for you. we help you build on your natural, effective communication strengths.

We strictly limit the size of each More Than Presentation Skills workshop so you will have plenty of opportunities to:

  • Discover your own intuitive speaking style
  • Move past "presentation skills" to natural ease
  • Create genuine rapport with your audience

We customize our More Than Presentation Skills workshop for your technical professionals.

Call (703) 262-0361 or email


Ray and Sally Strackbein
PO Box 710540
Herndon, VA  20171

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Because of the advice you gave me during our strategy session, my web site is now #1 on Google and Yahoo.
   --Ronald Kessler, New York Times bestselling author

Sally and Ray made me feel that there's hope even for a technologically-challenged person like me!
   –Nancy Goldstein LCSW

Great energy, great team-work, likeable presence for both of you. Made the techie stuff easy for non-techie people. Cheers!
  --Nadia M. Bishop, Reed Smith Crosby Heafey

If you have a website, or are considering a website, or think you don't even need a website, you had better read this manual. This is the independent professional's doorway to greater visibility, greater impact and greater sales.
   -- Alan Weiss, author of
   "Million Dollar Consulting"