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Website Design Tips
by Sally Strackbein

  1. Design for the lowest common denominator. Design your website for small screens, few colors, and slow modems. Pages designed for large screens may annoy people with small ones. Don't make website visitors with small screens scroll sideways to read a page.  Even your commercial customers may be dialing in from a hotel room.
  2. Know your website visitors. Age and interest dictate whether or not to use multimedia. Give website visitors the option to bypass anything that requires new, fast computers or a fast Internet connection.
  3. Respect people's time. Get right to the point. Avoid animated "introductions."
  4. Make website navigation quick and easy. Group website pages together that make sense to your visitors. Test your website with testers who are unfamiliar with your site. Make navigation consistent.
  5. Make your website back door inviting. Website vsitors frequently enter sites from search engines. They may land on interior pages. Always make sure every page has a button or link to the Home page.
  6. Boost website searchability. Repeat key words and phrases. Focus your website pages. Use a search engine and try to search for your own business name or specialty. Can you find your business?
  7. Use graphics appropriately. People searching for products often want pictures. People looking for information usually want words.
  8. Make website text readable. Use browser friendly fonts such as Times Roman and Arial. Make the font size at least 12 point or normal size. People rarely read the "fine print."
  9. Use dark type and a light background. It's easier on the eyes. People also like to print the information on your website. Light type on a dark background will either print poorly or not at all.
  10. Make sure your website is viewable on all major browsers. Many sites look great with Internet Explorer but not with Netscape, Macs or AOL. Make your website look great on all browsers.

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copyright (c) Sally Strackbein.

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