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1. The Speaker's Purpose

Sally Strackbein, Terrific TestimonialThe Speaker's Purpose (Sally)

Why do you speak?

Do you speak to promote your business, to educate or perhaps to entertain? What do you want for yourself as a result of your presentation? Seriously, why do you speak?

Don't protest. For a moment, let's put your audience on hold. Every successful speech must have three purposes: your purpose, the audience's purpose and the purpose of the person or organization that invited you to speak. Let's examine your purpose.

Think about what that is. What is your purpose?

Do you want to get great testimonials and improve your business? Maybe you want your attendees to engage your services. Do you want to motivate them to take a specific action?

Sometimes you may only want their contact information and permission to send them your newsletter or other marketing pieces. Whatever your purpose, when you have it clearly in your mind as you speak, you are more likely to achieve your purpose.

From now on, as you create a speech, or any communication, focus both on what you want as well as the benefit to your audience.

2. Family History Storytelling

Ray StrackbeinFamily History Storytelling (Ray)

Our parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles  aren't going to live forever. Are they going to pass on before we record their life stories? The older generation lived through exciting times. They saw great changes in the world. The world was a very different place when they were growing up. We can learn much from them. There is still time to capture their stories of life lessons and experiences in those times. Have you recorded those stories?

Not too long ago, Sally attended a friend's father's 90th birthday party. She interviewed the guests and captured their stories about the dad. She also recorded him talking about his life. Not too long after, he died. His daughter now has precious video of his friends telling about what he was like as professional and as a friend -- funny and heartwarming stories about the impact he had on others.

Because Sally and I feel so strongly that these stories must be captured while we still can, we developed our Storytelling for Seniors Workshop.

Whether you capture stories yourself or have someone else interview and record your loved one's stories, don't wait until it's too late.

(Sally and I are available to help you capture the stories that help your loved ones live on.)

3. Speaking & Storytelling for Business Success

Make Your Message Stick

Storytelling for Business Success Speakshop®
Saturday, February 18

What results do you get when you talk to others one-on-one or speak to groups? Improve those results by telling stories about your experiences and values. Stories are the secret key to being memorable and persuasive. Create Emotional Magnetism that makes your message stick.

    "After my recent talk, 11 out of the 18 people in the audience asked for a follow-up appointment -- because of the story I told. Your coaching helped me craft my own story into just what my talk needed to make it successful."

       --Julia Kalish, Inner Voice Nutrition

Join us for a full-day intensive, interactive workshop. You get personal coaching on both speaking and storytelling. You get insight into how to best present yourself in writing and in marketing as well as in person.

Learn how to connect with your audience, in person and in writing, naturally and easily. Discover and craft stories that bring you the results you want.

Sign up here

4. Zip's Tips

Zippy - Zip's TipsTolerance (Zippy)

I just can't help myself. I have to bark at the toaster. When Sally makes toast, the toaster makes a BIG POP that really scares me. When I hear Sally start her toaster, I know the toast will soon pop up, so I start barking. Try as I might, it's not possible for me to keep quiet while toast is toasting. Luckily, Sally understands. She told me that certain noises irritate her too, so she cuts me some slack for the minute or so that it takes to turn bread brown and crunchy. I bark the whole time.

I suppose if she had toast every day, I might be in big trouble, but she only has it every once in a while. Ray doesn't like toast, so he never uses the toaster. Because I'm good most of the time, Sally let's me get away with being bad occasionally.

5. Contact Us

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